Monday, 3 June 2013

The Sketchbook

So this has been concept reveal week! I've been posting up a design a day for some of our current crop of concepts. Monday's was one of mine:

Harabec is an elite soldier of the future. Expertly trained in jetpack flight, he can rain fire down on his enemies from the skies!

Tuesday saw one of Nick's ideas! I love this guy:

He's a tiger warrior, a prince of a forgotten kingdom! Really love this guy. 

Wednesday brought us another of my designs, the Bladesman.

He's a noble swordsman, an expert fighter from a fantastical realm.

Thursday's design was another by Nick:

The awesome Tech Ninja! Good or bad? Assassin or hero? You decide!

Friday's design was another of mine!

Spriggans are mischievous tree spirits, apt to steal children and replace them with changelings yet fearful of anyone wearing their clothes inside out!

And finally (for this round at least) Nick brought us:

Why? Because red pandas get no action figure love! 

Thanks everyone so much for keeping tabs on this post all week. We're nearing completion on the first draft of the body, and are hoping to send it out to get printed this week! I AM EXCITED.

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