Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lost in Space Bubble Bomber

I'm gonna post a bunch of older work first, I'd like to keep it chronological! This is a piece of uni work from my second year. When I was a kid, I loved the Lost in Space movie. I still love the ships, both the designs of them and their action sequences. I had a toy of the Bubble Fighter, which I loved despite it being lumpy as hell compared with the on-screen version. I wanted to expand the universe a bit - ok, so they had Bubble Fighters. It really works as a design for a ship. But what if they had a bomber too - what could that look like?

So I built one.

It's a full toy prototype - the cockpit bubble rotates, the turret bubbles rotate too, and the missiles fire from the rack. The ships in the film had fantastic paint jobs, so I followed suit with a look inspired by the P51 Mustang. That chequered pattern on the big gun? Painted by hand. Ugh...never again.

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