Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Spectre MK.IV

Hoooooo, so, this is a big one. In terms of the work that I've done over the years, Spectre is what my friends know me for. I've been designing this guy since I was 16 (I'm 25 now. Crikey, he's almost due an anniversary...) and have revisited him a bunch of times. I guess when the ten year anniversary comes I'll post a retrospective piece and go through the history, but this isn't the time.

What Spectre is or means or stands for has changed a couple times. I'm not really sure what I want his/their story to be yet. Originally he was one robot. The first 3 iterations were all of him as one specific character. I knew from before I started uni that I would revisit him for my final major project at the end of the course, my final hurrah, but I wanted to do more than just one. I came up with three variants on the Spectre blueprint:

The Wolf is the guerrilla combat variant. He fights close range, a brawler, utilising speed and surprise (along with a short-hop jumpjet) to spring upon his targets.

The Rhino is the heavy support unit. With longer range weapons and thicker armour, he lumbers into the fray cutting down enemies with withering firepower.

The third was the Hawk. An airborne sniper, he would keep far from the battle, picking off choice targets and communications arrays. Except I ran out of time. I had made the parts, they were moulded, but the time I had planned in to cast them ended up having to be devoted to writing my dissertation. It's always bugged me that I never got to finish the project, but I have something in the pipeline that will remedy that for mark V.

As for his construction - I drew him in Rhino, and he was 3D printed by Stephanie Wood Design, who were super helpful. I sanded the parts, moulded them in silicone, and cast them in resin. Each model has over 85 individual parts and has a number of shelled, interlocking parts. I had originally intended for them to be fully poseable, but time constraints coupled with the need to ratchet all the joints to cope with the weight (these are 15 inches tall and weigh a ton) ended that. The joints are glued into position. The light piping in the eyes works a treat though!

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