Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Wedding Cake Toppers

Gonna combine two projects into one post now. I've had some good friends of mine get married, and jumped at the chance to create unique cake toppers for them.

Nicole and Gary went for a traditional look, and I was able to sneak a peek at the dress she'd chosen to represent it accurately. Sculpting her dress really limited her poseability, so I went for a full statue (though their heads can still turn) and was able to get a really tender pose as a result. Once upon a time, he was a Quicksilver figure, and she was a Witchblade.

Hannah and Jonathan went off-piste, going for a superhero-inspired theme. It was really fun interpreting Hannah's dress in a way which didn't impede her poseability, and meant I could incorporate things like her garter and her 'something blue'. Yep - she wore blue shoes at the wedding! He started out as a movie Joker figure, while she was a Wonder Woman.

Before anyone asks, right now I have no plans or desire to do any more cake toppers. They take a very long time and there's an awful lot of pressure to get them right!

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  1. Bummer I would love to have something like these for my fiance and I. You could have tons of business through off beat couples.